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What is Lmar?

"Lmar", Pashto for "Sun" (also pronounced "Nwar"), is a GPU computing facility established at FAST-Peshawar campus in summer of 2014. The facility is established with a major hardware donation from NVIDIA Corporation, manufacturer of NVIDIA based graphic cards and a research grant from FAST-NU. The facility is intended to be used for coding & development, and research, and is open to both students and faculty.

Current System Status


Tools available

What can I Use it For?

The facility is intended to be used for coding & development, and research, and is open to both students and faculty.

What can I Not Use it For?

You cannot use the facility to install & play games. Also, You are not allowed to use the facility as a backup for your files. All files will be purged on a regular basis and it would be your responsibility to keep a backup of your data in order to avoid any inconvenience.

How do I Use It?

Connecting to the Server using Linux

Fire up any shell and type the command:

ssh -l <your_user_id> -XY

Connecting to the Server using Windows

Download and run the Putty SSH client from their webpage. Specify Host Name:, Port Number: 22, Connection type: SSH, and then click on Open.

Copying files to and fro to the Server from Linux

Files can be copied from your PC to Lmar using the following scp command:

scp <source destination of files>/* <your_user_id>@<your_user_id>/<destination folder>

Likewise, files from Lmar to your PC can be copied using the following command:

scp <your_user_id>@<your_user_id>/<source location>/* <destination location>

Copying files to and from from the Server using Windows

For Windows, download and run the Windows SCP client from their website. Provide the host name:, port: 22, and your username and password. Once logged in, you will see your local files on the left side pane, and your files on Lmar on the right side pane. Rest is just drag and drop.

Contributions to Research

Lmar has been possible due to a research grant from NVIDIA Corporation. One of the terms and conditions from NVIDIA is that any Research produced from this machine bear an acknowledgement to NVIDIA. If you have published a paper using this criteria, please let us know so we may feature it in this section. The list so far contains the following:

Who to Contact for Help and/or Queries?

Dr. Omar Usman Khan, Department of Computer Science, Email: omar.khan@nu.edu.pk (Subject line must include keyword HPC-HELP)